The end is near.... for reals

Have you ever commented that "The end is near," considering it a joke because you didn't think it was actually true?  Well, one of the hardest things I learned after my spiritual awakening was that the end really IS near.  I thought I had (God willing) many more decades to work toward making my calling and election sure.  Then I found out I don't.

I don't have any "proof" that the end-time tribulations are coming.  I have yet to see a vision or have a prophetic dream.  About the only "proof" I have is that some of the situations described in Isaiah match the state of the world today.  But there are plenty of others1 who have gotten a glimpse of what's coming.  And what they're saying isn't good news:
  • massive earthquake in Utah that causes major flooding and damage
  • famines that last many years
  • foreign occupation coming from both the east and the west coasts
  • plague
  • nukes
  • financial collapse 
  • living in tent cities
When I learned that multiple sources were saying the same thing - some of which I very much trust - I took the news pretty hard.  I felt like I had wasted the days of my probation.  I was despondent for a week.

The good news is, while we don't have another 40 years left, according to the scriptures we have at least 7.  And once those trials and tribulations start, they will work to sort everyone into two categories - the wheat (10% of the world's population according to Isaiah) and the tares (the other 90%).  The wheat will become refined by the trials to the point where they have their calling and election made sure.  The tares... well, we all know the scriptures about them.

Even so, now is not the time to continue in complacence.  What's coming is awful.  Probably the worst time in the history of the world.  You will only make it by having total trust in the Lord, and by receiving personal revelation - even words straight from the Lord Himself.

Are you ready?  I'm certainly not.   Start your spiritual preparations while you still can!  You may not be celestial material by the time all hell breaks loose, but you want to be spiritually far enough along that you can be refined as the wheat, and not burned as the tares.

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